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Donburi Menu

Donburi is a rice-based dish. It consists of a bowl of rice with other ingredients such as tempura, egg, chicken or beef on the top. Like sushi, there are many different donburi dishes.

Katsu-Don - Pork Cutlet Donburi
This is one of a number of donburi dishes, whose name comes from the deep bowl in which they are served – the don ending is just an abbreviation of donburi. A common lunch dish, they generally consist of a generous portion of rice topped by tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet. However, this recipe uses less oil than in normal deep-frying.

Soboro-Don - Pinwheel Donburi
A colourful array of eggs, snow peas, and minced chicken, this donburi dish is a delight to the eyes. Since a beautiful arrangement is a part of enjoyable dining, be sure to cook ingredients in such a way that their fresh, vibrant colours are not lost. Feel free to creatively arrange the toppings or to substitute others.

Oyako-Don - Chicken and Egg Donburi
This is the definitive donburi dish. The Japanese title means “parent-and-child” donburi, because both chicken and egg are used. Covering the bowl with a lid helps the rice to better absorb the broth. The sweetness of the cooked onion is a nice contrast to the other flavours.

Other Donburi Menus are ...

Ten-Don - Tempura rice bowl

Rice bowl with thin sliced beef and onions cooked with soy-sauce base soup

Rice bowl with Unagi Kabayaki (Eel grilled with sweet soy-sauce based sauce)

Oyako Don - Chicken and Egg Donburi