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Making hand-rolled Temaki Sushi

Arrange fillings, such as thinly sliced smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and cooked egg; lettuce; water cress; imitation crab meat; shelled, cooked baby shrimp; shelled and deveined, cooked prawns; canned chunk tuna, drained; and tender-crisp, cooked asparagus spears on large platter, as desired.

Accompany with roasted sushi nori seaweed, roasted sesame seeds, wasabi, KIKKOMAN soy sauce, sushi ginger and your favorite beverage.

Place toasted nori seaweed in palm of hand, one point down. Dollop with about 2 table spoon sushi rice. Dab small amount of prepared wasabi horseradish on rice.

Top with one or two filling choices. Sprinkle lightly with sesame seeds, as desired.

Bring two corners inward to enclose filling, wrapping securely. Dip bite-by-bite into KIKKOMAN soy sauce, as desired. Cleanse palate with sushi ginger before enjoying another temaki sushi, as desired.