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What’s Shochu?

Shochu is a popular Japanese distilled spirit made of many different ingredients such as barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat, brown sugar and among others. This unique distilled spirit was widely developed in the southern region of Japan. In recent years the popularity of Shochu has been revived among Japanese, notably the young generation.

Shochu is distilled in two methods: single-distilling and multiple-distilling. In Japan, single-distilling Shochu is called Honkaku Shochu, and has profound, distinctive tastes which has attracted a lot of Shochu connoisseurs. JFC delivers you a wide range of select Honkaku Shochu from Japan.

Shochu can be enjoyed in many ways. The traditional way is by mixing with hot water or cold water. It can be also enjoyed either straight or on the rocks, and of course, enjoying as cocktails is gaining popularity.

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