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In all Asian cultures, rice is the most essential food. It is the basic staple – the key ingredient in every meal. JFC knows rice. We provide several varieties of high-quality rice for all Asian cooking styles. Now, health-conscious people everywhere are eating more rice. Look to JFC for a complete variety of rice that is sure to satisfy your customers’ diverse and increasing appetite for rice.

JFC’s rice brands now available in the European market:

TAMANISHIKI - Super Premium Short Grain Rice

Developed from selected rice from Japan and grown in California using water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Product of USA.

Package available:

  • 5 kg bag

NISHIKI - Premium Grade Medium Grain Rice
Most popular Japanese rice in the United States, Europe and all over the world. Product of USA.

Packages available:
  • 1 kg bag
  • 2.5 kg bag
  • 4.5 kg bag
  • 10 kg bag
  • 20 kg bag

NAGOMI - Premium Sushi Rice
Premium Grade Medium Grain Rice suitable for Sushi. Product of USA.

Package available:
  • 10 kg bag

ICHIBAN - Premium Sushi Rice
Specially Selected Japanese-Style Sushi Rice.

Package available:
  • 22.68 kg (50 lbs) bag

HAKUBAI - Japanese "Mochigome"
Enriched Sweet Rice This rice can be used to make mochi, a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake and sekihan (red rice). Product of USA.

Package available:
  • 2.27 kg bag