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JFC's Sake Expert

The origins of sake can be traced back to a fermented rice beverage brought to Japan from China in the third century B.C. Since then it has evolved into a unique and sophisticated alcoholic beverage that is of great cultural significance to the Japanese people.

JFC is the Japanese sake expert. We will gladly provide our best sake selections for your food business. We can also keep developing further and better line-ups of Japanese sake varieties because JFC has its own import partner in Japan, Pacific Trading Co. Ltd. Moreover, JFC is always looking for local sake producers in Japan – from north to south and from east to west – whose sakes have excellent reputations.

Sake is a delicate alcoholic beverage that is extremely sensitive to light and heat. JFC treats sake very gently. We import sakes from Japan in refrigerated containers and store them in our refrigerated storage room in much the same way as good-quality wine is stored in a temperature-controlled cellar.

As JFC Europe group enjoys an excellent partnership with a number of reputed sake brewers, it has been able to introduce some of their best selected sakes. Our line-ups of these sake brewers are listed here.

Sake is also frequently used as a seasoning, in much the same way as wine. Besides adding its own flavour, sake helps other flavours to be absorbed. It also counteracts strong odours and tenderises meat. It is used in teriyaki sauce, marinades and sake-steamed clams.

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Japanese Beers
JFC can provide three popular brands of Japanese beer – Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo.

Shochu – Japanese Distilled Spirit
Shochu is a popular Japanese distilled spirit made from a variety of different ingredients such as barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat and brown sugar, amongst others.
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Umeshu – Plum Wine
Umeshu is a plum liqueur, made from Ume plums macerated with sugar. You can taste the very natural and soft flavour of Japanese plums and imagine you are in a Japanese garden surrounded by fragrant plum blossom. Umeshu can be drunk as an aperitif with a wide range of cuisines.